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Your brand is much more than your logo.  A good brand communicates to your target audience who you are  and what you do through a clear, focused and consistent look, style, message.   At Suzanne Brown Design, we listen carefully to your story and work hard to understand  you, your audience, and your competition.  Only then do we distill what we’ve learned to create a unique and intelligent Brand Identity.

Unclear as to the difference between a logo and a brand? Very simply, a logo is the visual symbol or mark used to identify your business.  Whether it includes an iconic image, or just stands on it’s own through a unique logotype treatment and color palette, this mark will  be used to identify your company on all communications.  If you are starting a new business or initiative and need a logo, or are thinking about re-branding your existing business, we can help you shine.

We understand how important a consistent brand is to advertising and marketing. That is why we work diligently to make sure that the look and feel of everything we create -- from brochures to business cards, stationery to signage, postcards to pamphlets -- all work to support the client’s unique message and brand.

Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Constant Contact; If your business is not utilizing these social media tools, you are missing out on one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and speak to your client base. Whether you are looking to reach a wider audience, boost your brand, or share a story, we understand how how an intelligent website, social media + e-campaigns can make it happen. 

How We Work


Getting to know each client and their business / project is critical to a successful working relationship.  

  • Understand the business issues driving initiative
  • Learn how the client works, and how they like to work 
  • Understand their limitations and their schedules 
  • Discuss their expectations for deliverables, their ability 
  • to review work 
  • Establish project timelines/milestones/deadlines 


Exploration is the who, what, why and how phase. Who is interacting with the brand, site, service or product and how do they want/need to experience it? How can we improve upon the competitive market?

In order to create a successful user experience, we work hard to fully understand

1. the product 

2. the user group(s) 

3. the competitive market

4. the medium in which it will be experienced

Human factors, user profiling, competitive analysis all feed into the design and development process.


In the design phase we roll up our sleeves and get busy!  We design iteratively, so no time is wasted; rapid prototyping not only lets a client see ideas quickly, but also allows the designer to work more efficiently.  The results are a more productive work process and dialogue on concepts within days (not weeks!). 


Before a project launches or heads to print, we fine tune to make sure all the i's are dotted, t's are crossed.  Whether it's a new brand, brochure or website, we work tirelessly to make sure the end product is aligned with the clients goals.

About Suzanne

Suzanne’s artistic spirit would lead to a career as a visual designer. She spent over a decade honing her creative skills at publishing houses, advertising agencies, and boutique graphic design firms. At the dawn of the Internet age she seized the opportunity offered by the web, and began to create online marketing campaigns and interactive environments for consumer products companies, internet service providers, and leading technology consultancies. Suzanne displayed a natural affinity for new media; in the mid-1990’s she designed the user interface for Physicians’ Online, then the world’s largest online community of medical professionals, and her Skippy Peanut Butter campaign for Best Foods won the 1999 “Best Food Industry Web Site” WebAward. In 2001 she founded Suzanne Brown Design which specializes in brand identity, logo design, print / marketing, and social media.

Her large and diversified client portfolio includes designs for Credit Suisse, SolomanSmithBarney, Royal Bank of Canada, Yahoo!, Buzzback, Author, Pat Conroy, Television Personality and Author, Dr. Gail Saltz, Montefiore Hospital, and many others.

On the rare occasion she is not at her desk, she can be found tossing tennis balls to her ever-faithful, four legged assistant, MollyGirl.

Please take a peek at what we do, and if you like what you see, we invite you to reach out to schedule a never-any-pressure whatsoever meeting.

" Suzanne is incredibly creative, responsive and fast. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in both print and online design. She works iteratively and quickly and there is never a problem giving her feedback. "

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Building visuals that communicate your message to the world is our passion. Let us know more about your business or project, and we will get back to you soon with new ideas on how you can communicate better with your customers.

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