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We are a graphic design and branding agency serving New York + Connecticut. 

Since 2001, we have helped both small and large businesses become unique 

and consistent with their creative footprint, and are confident we can help 

your business as well.   Reach us at 914.413.9207 to chat, or to schedule a no-pressure whatsoever meeting.


"Suzanne is incredibly creative, responsive and fast. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in both print and online design. She works iteratively and quickly and there is never a problem giving her feedback. "


We understand how important a consistent brand is to advertising and marketing. That is why we work diligently to make sure that the look and feel of everything we create and deliver— from brochures to business cards, stationery to signage, postcards to pamphlets—all work to support your unique identity.


Your brand is much more than your logo.  A strong brand communicates to the world who you are  and what you do through a clear, focused and consistent look, style, message.   We listen carefully to your story and work hard to understand  you, your audience, and your competition. Only then do we distill what we’ve learned to create a unique and intelligent Brand Identity for your business or new initiative.


Uncertain of the difference between a logo and a brand? Very simply, a logo is the visual symbol or mark used to identify your business. Whether it includes an iconic image, or just stands on it’s own through a unique logotype treatment and color palette, this mark will  be used to identify your company on all communications.  If you are starting a new business or initiative and need a logo, or are thinking about re-branding your existing business, we can help you shine.


 Websites, Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Constant Contact; if your business is not fully utilizing these tools, you are missing out on one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and speak to your client base.Whether you are looking to reach more customers, boost your brand, or share a story, we understand how intelligent websites, social media profiles, and  e-campaigns can make it happen.


To learn more about our services, and to find out how we can help your business or service offering, reach out today.  


"She is the definition of creativity - her ability to translate client needs into polished user interfaces, print pieces and branded online personalities is remarkable. Her commitment to client satisfaction is evident in her work and creative process." 

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Building visuals that communicate your message to the world is our passion. Let us know more about your business or project, and we will get back to you soon with new ideas on how you can communicate better with your customers.